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Hızır Çakırbeyli climbs to the top of the mafia world to which he entered in an age that can be considered a child. Each man who enters the underground world vows to revolt against injustice. As he becomes more powerful and rich, he becomes the source of this injustice himself... No one talks about this or puts it into words, but he becomes a charitable person as atonement for the crimes he committed... In the impetus of all of us, there is the principle of taking from the rich and giving to the poor... It is their mission to protect the powerless against the focuses of power... It is until they succumb to their anger... When anger comes, they have a blackout in their eyes, they lose their mind and they lose their balance. They do not differentiate between the powerful and the powerless... Hızır Çakırbeyli is a man of ambition... He never escapes from love... He also likes being loved... He wants to be in the central focus of all the women in his life; of his mother, of his wife, his daughter and girlfriend... He also gives much importance to his brother, his son, his nephew and the other members of his family; he is a self-giving "father" for them... He is a faithful friend... He is an indispensable brother. He is a fair and generous chief ... These characteristics of him glorifies Hızır also in the underground world instead of becoming the end of him ... While his word are to be trusted and he became a man with whom business can be made at all times, he is caught by the radar of the government ... The government thinks that there is not a better candidate than him in order to carry out the illegal activities that it wants to control ... This is an offer of becoming the greatest for Çakır... The offer is such a double-edged sword that in case of its acceptance, it is a betrayal to the "mafia" family and in case of refusal, it is conviction forever... We had said that what two persons know is not a secret, so this secret offer does not remain as hidden... The great boss who notices that the Government promised Hızır Çakırbeyli his own position, converts his surroundings into a network woven with treason... Hızır Reis's private life is also fluctuating... He finds out from his wife that the architect Nazlı whom he fell in love a few years ago is pregnant and he will never let this child to be born... Çakır, however, wants more than two children. Is divorce an option for him? Of course not... For both women who knows this truth, the fight will not being able to share a man, but a struggle for survival...
Eylül is tired of her stepfather's abuse and she tells this situation to her mother and her life changes: Her mother prefers giving Eylül to an orphanage instead of leaving her husband. Eylül will make different friends in that orphanage which is newly opened in the middle of a luxurious neighborhood. These girls who are excluded from the society are humiliated and slandered by rich guys of the area. When none of the public schools accept them because of this slander, the dormitory principal registers them to the luxurious private college of the neighborhood. Now life is more difficult for Eylül and her three friends among the rich and spoiled guys in their new school. Cemre and Defne, who always bully Eylül and her friends at the college, are one of the richest families. One day Cemre's father, Sinan, commits a suicide and he also kills his wife accidently. Relatives of Sinan neither undertake his debt nor adopt Cemre. Therefore Cemre is obliged to settle into an orphanage. Defne and her rich friends turn their back on Cemre but Eylül and her friends at the orphanage hold Cemre's hand. On one hand Eylül and her friends, who try to stand upright against the board of collage and spoiled students of the school who are seeking an opportunity to expel them, and at the same time they try to find their families, to solve life problems. They will learn big lessons from these dilemmas and they will learn to fall in love, to make mistakes, to overcome the problems altogether by collaborating with each other. This is the survival story of young girls in their big world...
An Istanbul Ghetto, full of slum houses, muddy roads and a poor neighbourhood... Asiye's only desire is to be released from this dead-end ghetto... Asiye stabs his boyfriend who leaves her because she is pregnant. Asiye and her sister, Mine, escapes from their home since Asiye thinks that her boyfriend is dead. The sisters hitchhike and gets into Çetin's luxurious car whom lives a very rich and irresponsible life. He argues with his girlfriend, Selen inside the car and he accidently pushes her off from a cliff. Asiye films everything with her phone and threatens Çetin. She puts her plan into action quickly: Mine will pretend that the dead girl, Selen, is her sister and Çetin will introduce Asiye to his family as his fiancé. By this way; Çetin would not be charged from killing the girl and Asiye could start a new life. Asiye's family takes Selen's unrecognizable corpse as their daughter's and Çetin's family accepts Asiye into their house. No matter what, Asiye won't be able to escape from her dark past. She will carry her stepmother's passion, dark traces of the past and the Ghetto's mud into her glamourus, rich new life...
Vedat Seyhanlı comes from a very rich family whose roots are in Adana. He lives with his extended family in Istanbul. His only desire is to be the only owner of his father's inheritance and love. Vedat even killed his brother in order to reach this goal when he was a kid. After this incident, Vedat's father brings another child from orphanage house. He discovers that this child, Ali, is actually his father's real son. Vedat puts her plan back in track and he threatens Ali's fiancé Begüm and marry her by force. Ali finds out about the marriage and comes to save Begüm. But Vedat kills Ali to get rid of him forever. Clearing every obstacle in his way, Vedat lives his dream life full of gambling, alcohol and women until he sees Ali after 10 years who was supposed to be dead. That night the gamble table serves a revenge machine: losing all his wealth to Ali, Vedat wants to play a last round. And Ali wants only one thing in exchange of Vedat's wealth: His Wife...
Ata, is both jewellery craftsman and the owner of a well known firm - called with its family name (Katiboglu)- is having some tough days with new firms in the sector. Having lost his fortune mostly, Ata has to sell the heirloom mansion to stand on his feet. However Uftade (Ata's wife), having the fear of degradation and Feride (Ata's daughter), with her impudence, puts pressure on Ata. Alienating to his family day by day Ata has a great shock discovering the new owner of the mansion; this is because that the proprietor is the former butler Yasar. Ata had a secret love affair with one of the beautiful pretty maids, Asuman in the past. Ata's mother is opposed to this and made Asuman marry Yasar offering money to them. Having accepted the offer, Yasar and Asuman leave the city and soon after they have a daughter named Aysen. Even though Yasar is deeply in love with Asuman, she will prefer to feel affection to Ata forever and Yasar will dream of taking revenge from Ata yielding his rage against him. And that Ata sells the mansion was the very opportunity to make this true. Ata is really affected by Yasar's daughter and he thinks this is only because she really looks like Asuman . However Aysen is Ata's actual daughter. Yasar whispers this to ATA's ear when he has a heart attack at Feride's wedding ceremony. Living in the suburbs afters her father's oppression on her, Aysen gets shocked after discovering the truth and consoles herself next to Uftade and Feride. Although these two are tended to exploit her purity and naivety, eventually Aysen works out the reality and decides to take revenge.

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Sıla is a young girl who shortly after being born is snatched away from her family and her roots. Taken to Istanbul where she is adopted by a rich family who tell her that all her family died. Although from an eastern origins, Sıla is brought up in a modern western style. One day her perfect life crumbles when she meets her so-called dead family and their backward traditions. Her real father suddenly appears and lies that her mother is dying and she goes to Mardin to see her. Her life soon changes, when she is forced to marry to Boran Agha, a total stranger, to save the life of her elder brother. Now Sıla is imprisoned in a world where tradition, not law, reigns. She searched for ways to free herself and each day makes plans for her escape. Nevertheless, she struggles to run away from the growing and hopeless love she feels towards Boran Agha. This tale takes place in the magical city of Mardin on the fruitful plains of Mesopotamia- a place of terraced buildings, shy windows and narrow lanes, where tradition challenges law and love challenges tradition.



ATV Distribution will be in DISCOP between March1-3, 2016 in Istanbul, TURKEY!


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