Yiğit is on a vacation at the mountain inn with his father Yavuz and his mother Sevgi. After they looked around and came back, the house was invaded by some masked men. They kill both Yavuz and Sevgi while throwing Yiğit from the cliff. Davut finds Yiğit injured, and he brings him to his cabin. After the healing process is done, he gave Yiğit a new identity, Altay Kurtoğlu, and tells him to forget about all, and he hands him to an orphanage. After many years have passed... Altay moves on with his life as a cage fighter. Davut got old and retreated at his cabin, but still he is on top of Altay. One night, the owner of the fight club Doğan, and his girlfriend Esra comes to watch Altay's match. Esra finds an excuse and leaves Doğan for a moment. She goes to the basement to release her friend who is enslaved. Her friend informs Esra that the men they chase are working for 'Goliath (Golyat)' and their goal is to avoid 'Project Lightning (Yıldırım Projesi)'. He sacrifices himself to enable Esra's escape. It is well understood that Esra works as an agent for her country, and her relationship with Doğan is fake. Understanding that Doğan has relations with Goliath, Esra is on the move to secure her daughter Ela. Doğan's men chase after Esra. While Esra tries to escape, she has had an accident while Altay was passing by with his motorcycle, and he helps Esra. Doğan heard that Esra escaped and he chases right after her while sending his guys to Ela's school. Yet, Ela manages to escape the men to go to the meeting point where she and her mother agreed on meeting if anything alarming happens. Altay and Esra arrives to Ela's school to encounter Doğan's guys. While Altay defeats the men, Esra faints with the impact of the hit. Altay takes fainted Esra to Davut's cabin, and he urges to find Ela. Esra pull herself together to meet her daughter. Doğan shows up when the mother and daughter met. Esra manages to hide Ela, yet she is not able to run away. As a result, Doğan takes Esra to the farm. While all these are happening, Doğan's boss, Nizam suspects that Esra is an agent. Nizam asks the guy near Doğan to kill Esra. In the meantime, Altay sneaks in to the farm to save Esra. While the duo was escaping, the guy shots Esra. Altay takes her again to Davut's cabin. Yet, Esra dies in the arms of Altay, in her last breath she repetitively says 'Goliath and the Project Lightning'. Davut, hearing those words, faces the fact that the organization Goliath, he spent years to end, is still active. Goliath is a dangerous and sneaky organization that is supported by the outside forces to take over the government, and they manipulate the masses by using religion to achieve their goal. Davut spent his youth to get rid of them, yet he failed. His patriot team members died each by each on the team he assembled. Actually, Yiğit's (Altay) father Yavuz was taught by Davut, and he is deceased after he was trying to keep an information given to him. Altay, feeling guilty of Esra being dead, would like to look after Ela. He chases after Ela and ends up in an isolated place. Sare points a gun towards him. Altay is shocked seeing Sare who looks exactly alike Esra.



  • GENRE : Drama
  • English




2021 - 193+


2019 - 208 Episode