İpek Gümüşçü is married to her first love, she is a mother of a 10 year-old, a devoted wife and a housewife. Although she is psychology major, she didn't take it to a professional level and chose to dedicate herself to her nest. Life was merely easy on her, and she appreciates it by being the most polite and positive person there is. Because she is extremely into thriller, she combines psychology with her curiosity for investigation, and tries to solve the problems of her friends in need. She had watched and read every single thriller in English, French and Turkish. To say she masters in thriller, we wouldn't be exaggerating. İpek's sterile and happy life tumbles just in 24 hours. Finding out that her best friend Nazlı is being cheated on ignites the initiation of everything. To help her friend, İpek finds out the woman who her husband is having an affair with. The two friends go to the woman's house, to confront. Yet, this visit becomes the point zero of the chain of events where ends up in the interrogation room. Two friends initiates a key point on a very mysterious murder. This incident is not the first one that brings İpek and Şahin Kara, the homicide bureau chief officer, together. The duo didn't like one another on their first encounter. After İpek met Şahin Kara for the first time, what İpek experiences cause them to get together very often. Yet, these encounters turn into irritating discussions. Even though their point of view in life differs, the duo is yet to realize that they are going to be colleagues. Finding out that she is not only being cheated on, but also her husband is most likely a murderer, İpek goes through a very traumatic process. Her husband is missing, and she goes through a very rough patch. A kind of self-talk that she knows from the bottom of her heart that she had to do whatever she can to help justice to prevail. The chain of events pushes her to take action on life and decide to work as a psychologist in police department. Şahin is devastated by the recent news of İpek being his colleague, and it'll take quite a time to get used to the idea. The curious acts İpek Gümüşçü displays are extra baggage for Şahin Kara who is eager to solve a murder case. But, for Şahin to get to her husband, he needs to keep an eye on İpek. In the end, when they finally find her husband, they step into even bigger danger. They struggle to know and acknowledge each other while offered to work as a team by the direction from Mehmet, the homicide bureau director. The only thing matters is how successful İpek is on solving the murder puzzles. After her life turned upside down, there occurred a new path that is both desirable and mandatory for İpek, and that serves to 'actualize herself'. This 'actualizing herself' concept is all about creating herself from the beginning as a widowed young mother, when it was once just her happy nest and child. She needs to rise above from the very ashes of the traumatic events her husband cause, and raise her child in the best way possible. Moreover, there is an undeniable tension and chemistry between Şahin Kara and İpek, even though they are having a cat-and-dog life. Love affairs are scary for İpek, after all she married her playground love. Because of that, she is timidly rookie in love matters. But, life will turn her into a master of love, as it does to everybody else. Will İpek be successful at creating a new life for herself and building a new version of her happy life again?


Baş Belası

  • GENRE : Drama
  • English




2019 - 208 Episode


2021 - 193+