Ferit, Yaman and Hande are close friends from childhood and they live in Antakya. Ferit is a handsome and honest young man and son of one of the wealthiest families in town. Hande is the spoiled and selfish daughter of the family's business partners'. Ferit and Hande are about to be married by their families' inevitable desire. Their close friend, Yaman's father works as a hostler for Ferit's family. Even though Ferit and Yaman grew up together, there is a hidden envy towards Ferit and, he is in love with Hande for years. Ferit and Hande will be married in three days. While Ferit rides around with his horse, he busts Hande and Yaman kissing in the barn. Shocked, Ferit goes back to the mansion. He packs quickly and beats the road without noticing anyone. Being oblivious to Ferit's sudden decision, his family is shocked. In the meantime, Hande goes full on with the wedding arrangements without knowing the groom has already left. Ferit is in İstanbul after a while and, he hits a dog accidentally. This way his path crosses with Ayşe. Ayşe is a young, beautiful girl who is full of life. She is a mere crusader with nobody surrounding her besides her friends, and she earns money by walking dogs. Taha, who also struggles in life, is into Ayşe and he dreams of getting married to her one day, but to her they are just friends. Ayşe rushes to help the injured dog, and together they take the dog to a veterinary. Ayşe senses Ferit's despair and invites him for a coffee where she works as a waitress. Being betrayed, Ferit is still not quite himself, and he doesn't even care. Yet, they ran into each other again. The coffee shop near to Ferit's hotel is happen to be the coffee place Ayşe works. Ayşe offers Ferit to go on his way since he didn't love Hande, but cheated on. Ferit, impressed by the character she puts in front, and he decides to live his life, not the life designed for him. Ferit's brother, Sinan, followed him to İstanbul and, he is shocked after finding out that he was cheated on by Hande. He has a masterplan; he will not talk trash about Hande but he will go back to Antakya to handle business and confront his family on the recent events while planning to teach Yaman and Hande a lesson. Ferit offers Ayşe a fake marriage in return of a sum of money. The duo would remain married in Antakya for maximum of six months period and, when their agreement terminates they will go on with their lives, separately. Ayşe is pissed off and refuses this offer. But the attack she is exposed that night will change everything for all. Taha, who secretly admires Ayşe as her friend, gets arrested injuring one of the attackers and is arrested. While searching for an outstanding lawyer, Ayşe acknowledges the fee to hire a good lawyer and, she couldn't find a better solution to her problem but to accept Ferit's proposal. They set the details for their marriage contract and Ayşe is now on the road with Ferit without telling any of her friends out of confidentiality. When Ferit arrives to the altar with Ayşe instead of Hande, people who are attending the wedding is shocked. After this point, the fake couple will move to the mansion and, their 'so-called'marriage will turn into a real one while Ayşe finds herself fighting with Ferit's dominant mother and with Hande who never gives up on Ferit. Taha soon to find out that Ayşe is married with someone else and in the meantime Hande and Yaman will try every possible scenario to take revenge, while the secrets of the past will be out in the open.


Kalp Yarası

  • GENRE : Drama
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Arabic




2019 - 208 Episode


2021 - 193+