Bozoglu and Asmali families are nemesises, although they ran a kebab shop on the same street. Zekeriya and Arif are the heads of their families and they were best friends. Talented kebab masters Zekeriya and Arif became nemesises throughout their competitions and stubbornnesses. What they have in common is the fear they have towards their highly dominant wives. Xavi and Zola, both Italian and they are playground friends. While Xavi punks around and spends time in Italy, Xola is a chef at a restaurant and having a descent life. While Xavi is escaping from the maffia, he takes shelter in his best friend Zola's. His aim was both to escape and go to Turkey in order to find his father. Yet, the maffia finds him. Zola, not knowing anything and entering his house, hurts one of the gangsters while trying to save Xavi. Zola panicks thinking he killed the man, and out of necessity he also escapes to İstanbul. Xavi knows a little about his biological father. According to his mother, his father owns a kebab shop in Emirgan area, Istanbul. On his hand, there is a photo of his and Zola's mothers with two guys. Guys on the photo are Zekeriya and Arif. The two newly weds had their one night stands in Bodrum and the photo remained from that night. Xavi and Zola comes to Emirgan with the photo they have. Their roads cross with Arif by chance. By showing the photo, Xavi explains that he is looking for his father. Arif, scared that the affair is going to be revealed, goes to Zekeriya to tell everything. The duo deceives Xavi and Zola and they try to make them stay away from the neighborhood, but every initiation ends up to be a failure. Both of them are the new tenants to Ahmet's house. Zola starts to work for Zekeriya and Xavi is for Arif. Azra the beautiful daughter of Zekeriya and Ahmet the casanova son of Arif are in love with each other ever since they were kids. They broke up after Ahmet's cheating on Azra is revealed. Zola is very impressed with Azra at the first sight. Azra, uses Zola's blossoming feelings to make Ahmet jealous. Thi situation creates a silent hostility between the guys. In the meantime, Arif tries to steal the photograph Xavi has. While Zekeriya and Arif try diminishing the photo, Zola busts them to tell the other female on the photograph is his mother. Arif gets shocked. Because if Xavi is Zekeriya's biological son, then there is a chance that he is his.


  • GENRE : Comedy




2019 - 208 Episode


2021 - 193+