Two old friends with opposite political views and two young people who fall in love; despite the opposition of their families... This is a tale of three generations, of love, of colliding worlds. An impressive period drama that left it's mark on audience through the story and the music. Şevket and Rıza – two friends from Prinkopo Island back in the 50's. Despite growing up together they grow apart over time. Şevket studies law and becomes a prosecutor, while Rıza was impressed by the political views and lectures of his father, as well as Adnan Mederes – then an MP, and becomes an MP for the Democratic Party. Tensions grow between the two old friends but they remain as neighbours. Şevket's son Ahmet returns home from his studies in Lausanne to be met by an admiring Yasemin – Rıza's daughter. She has loved him for years. Unaware of her feelings for Ahmet, Necdet – the son of the baker – has been dreaming of Yasemin for years. After his return from Lausanne Ahmet learns of Yasemin's feelings and their relationship starts on the Island, stumbles because of political differences and continues in Istanbul. The coup is soon to come. On the morning of 27th of May, Turkish people wake up to a very different morning. The Democratic Party is overthrown and provisional courts are launched to deal with the politicians of the time. Şevket works there as a prosecutor. The fate of these two childfood friends intersects in these courtrooms. Menderes and his men are tried. Menderes is given the death penalty while Riza is senteced to a term in jail. Yasemin realizes it would be impossible for her to marry the son of the man who sentenced her father to jail. Yasemin realizes it would be impossible for her to marry the son of the man who sentenced her father to imprisonment .The two lovers break up. yasemin later learns she is pregnant. Necdet runs to her aid and offers to marry her, giving her soon-to-be born child a father. It breaks Ahmet's heart to hear of Yasemin's marriage and he starts seeing Ayla. It is years before he finds out that he has a child – Yasemin's child.


  • GENRE : Drama
  • DURATION : 90' MIN




2019 - 208 Episode


2021 - 193+