Tatar Ramazan is the story of a man who seeks justice... He turns into a legend from an ordinary blacksmith as he runs after justice that all humanbeing are needed. Tatar pledges equity and justice to people. While he delivers his promise, he represents the rebellion of courage, bravery and honor against injustice and tyranny... Tatar is an outbreak againts fears in people's minds. As he cries out "No sin will be unpunished before the end of the world" However, no choice comes without a price. Ramazan goes to jail the day he kills the Mayor as injustice is made to his father... He is exiled to another city... He leaves his heart... his fate... His love Süreyya whom he can die for in Ovacık... His only dream was to live with her and children but instead he is now alone behind bars. As for Sureyya, she has lost her light... her day and her night.... The world is now as well like a prison for her... A new hope blossoms in Sureyya's heart in the middle of a nightmare; She finds out she has a little heart pulsing; Day by day, Ramazan's child is growing inside her. When her father hears it, he orders her to kill herself with the rope. ''Hang yourself, clean your honour'' he says. She manages to escape with the help of her mother while she had hopelessly decided to join death...She wanders like a shadow after her lover along prisons. Seasons are passing... The roads come to an end. Hopes are lost.. Ramazan will not manage to rejoin her lover who is behind the bars. Süreyya is hopeless with her baby inside. She is all alone, fighting against impossibilities, hunger and misery when a rich man gives her a helping hand... And a mother risks everything for the good of her child. She feels obliged to marry Ekrem Öztürk, the famous industrialist although she hasn't anyone else than Ramazan in her heart. An unhappy marriage with a much more older man has made her weary of life. Her only ambition to live is her son Kerim.. As Süreyya lives a melancolic life, Ramazan is sent to his last destination after many years; to the prison of Ovacık, his hometown... But no one knows that there is an undying fire in her heart.. His endless love to Süreyya whom he never had any news. Ramazan's fame has spread all over the country's prisons over the years. He is considered as a legend from the eyes of the poor and the downtrodden condemned people... His worry against the corrupted order in the previous prisons will definitely continue in Ovacık.... The condemned prisonners are hungry, miserable and hopeless. And the rebels have built an important rulership... The administration is of course on the rebels' side. The knife will be used for the second time... This time, there is Abdurrahman Çavuş in front of Ramazan... a merciless assassin who is making the condemned's lives unbearable with gambling and black market... The war has begun again... But this time, Ramazan is not alone ! Kirmastılı who has fought for justice, rights for many years is at his one side... His courageous, adventurous and fearless brother Elmas is at his other side.... But another war that can't be won with courage and strength is waiting for Ramazan... After many years, Süreyya is appearing married with a child in fron of him... They both know that their love is an endless passion... They both know that they only belong to each other. They quieten, as if it was a secret... While they quiten, Kirmastılı's daughter Ayşe secretly shouts her blind love towards Ramazan.


  • GENRE : Drama
  • DURATION : 90' MIN




2019 - 208 Episode


2021 - 193+